The early primitive style rugs of the 1800's have inspired
many a rug hooker in the 21st century! In fact, I believe these early rugs are what has inspired most rug hookers to pick up a hook and try rug hooking for themselves. You can choose an early design here.. and give it your own style to proudly hang in your 'homestead'.

rug hooking ~ early designs
MARY COMSTOCK: Mary Comstock hooked this design as a Bed rugg at age 66 in Shelburne, VT. Circa 1810. The pattern I am offering is MUCH smaller! Pattern size: 20" x 26"
Linen: $48.00

Welcome Cats is my very favorite of all the early rugs. It is truly a pleasure to hook and especially fun to hook the cat's expressions! Original rug circa 1885. Pattern size: 32" x 26" 
Linen: $54.00

ABE: This early rug of Abraham Lincoln is very naive. The inscription depicts the birth year and terms of Abe's Presidency. Circa 1865 -1875. Pattern size: 28" x 22"
  Linen: $50.00

EARLY FARM SCENE:Great Folky rug made in Lancaster County, PA by Mennonites. Circa 1900. Pattern size: 28" x 20"    Linen: $48.00

HEARTS RUG: This early rug was originally named "Blue Sam"; made of wool and silk rag,
found in New York. Pattern size: 30" x 25.5"    Linen: $48.00

RED HOUSE & BARN: The background on this rug is wonderful ~ a technique we would like to capture in our new rugs to make them really look early. Circa 1895. Pattern size: 28" x 14"     Linen: $42.00

DOUBLE EAGLE: Oh! This rug... Wow. It just makes a "statement". Simple and Wonderful. Circa 1880, cotton & wool; found near Albany, N.Y. Pattern size:
16" x 18".   Linen: $34.00

Mouser seems to be quite proud of his "catch" ! Wonderful folky appeal. Circa 1880. Carol Weatherman, one of our designers, hooked this
neat sample. She did a great job showing us his calico fur!
Pattern size: 29" x 20"     Linen: $48.00

SINGLE CAT: This is a single grinning cat from the early Welcome Cats rug. He is fun to hook alone! Pattern size: 16" x 20.5" Linen:   $40.00

3 ROOSTERS:This is a large old rug that gives you lots of color opportunity. Many different wools can be used from your leftovers on this one. Circa 1865. Carol Weatherman, Mustang OK hooked this
sample for our pleasure to see! Pattern size: 43" x 26.5"
  Linen: $75.00

Adapted from an early rug, this rug is just FOLKY!
Pattern size: 15" x 35"
Linen: $52.00