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"The Gardens & Accoutrements of James Cramer"
Visit the gardens and antiques collection of 
James Cramer of Seven Gates Farm. 
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  Hardcover  136 Pages
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"A Simple 
Garden Journal"
With never before seen photos
of Seven Gates Farm
from the late Dean Johnson.
ON SALE!  $5.00 Each + shipping
  Hardcover  96 Pages
The first fifteen years of my childhood were spent living with my great-grandmother in her white farmhouse at the edge of a small town. Her large garden, mainly vegetables, started at the back door and took up the entire yard. There was a path down the middle that led to the old chicken house. I later came to realize that this was a victory garden and my great-grandmother wanted to be self-sustaining during and after the war. . .

For the last thirty years, I too have lived in an old farmhouse with gardens surrounding the home, at the edge of a small town. It is said that you are impressionable the first years of your life and now I see where my love of gardening came from. I realize that the things I do now all came from my growing up years - even canning.  I realize as I get older how important that time with my great-grandmother was and how it has shaped me as an adult. . .